Startup Development

We develop startups, complicated projects and services with complex approach: from a business idea to realization and promotion.

Startup Development
Everything you need to build and scale - Alexander Sonnenfeld, CEO SKY INCOM Deutchland


Development flexibility and modularity

The possibility of continuous expansion of the functionality without negative consequences for users and the client’s wallet


High security requirements

Secure and correct program code, protection systems, checks, backups


Proper architecture and technology

For high speed in extreme conditions, unpredictable attendance and server load


Large data storage

A huge amount of data with the possibility of its "unlimited" increase

Complex web development and startups launch

SKY INCOM has vast experience in the development of complex solutions, startups and integrated web & mobile services: from the development of a business model to software implementation and promotion. Our ready-made solutions are complex products with successful implementation experience, which can be deliverer within several weeks and customize for the client’s needs.

Links to portfolio in integrated web development:

Expert solutions in the sphere of startups


Project estimation

At the first stage, we give a quick estimation of anidea. Fast assessment within 1-2 weeks.


Development of business logic and technical specifications

Marketing analysis, a full range of technical documentation development, including all business logic and product launch plan.


Project development

Full development cycle with serious quality control.


Marketing plan, launch, and promotion of the project

Full range of services to promote a project online and offline


Investor Search

Search for investments in the project for European, American, and Russian markets.


Stack of technologies





Contact us

Fill in the information about your project, and we will contact you within two hours with a detailed offer. You can also send the information by email: [email protected]. All the information you provide will be confidential.

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