Mobile Applications Development

“Everything You Need To Build And Scale” — Alexander Sonnenfeld, president of SKY INCOM Deutschland


Hybrid & Native technologies

Best technologies for your future application from React to Swift, we understand how to save budget and time

Powerful and convenient Backend

For the server component of the application we use the most reliable technologies and provide convenient data management system


We integrate applications with third-party backend, as well as with payment systems, CRM and ERP

Submission to AppStore & GooglePlay

We have the official status of Apple Developer and Android Developer, we open accounts and publish applications to the marketplaces

Mobile applications development

SKY INCOM has a vast hands-on experience working with major global brands of various fields. We are ready to take on the project even with a minimal brief - all business logic will be on us.

For applications assessment we use only detailed costing system, which gives a fair price of the product and determines the fair timeliness of project delivery

Solutions and Industries

B2B and B2C applications
Applications for communication and engagement of the audience in the B2B and B2C sectors
Corporate mobile applications
Collaboration, communication within the company, monitoring of employees, processes, access to corporate information
Implementing the most complex ideas even at the stage of the design brief, and transform them into MVP and full-scale backend + frontend + promotion projects
E-commerce mobile applications
Applications for e-commerce are delivered with their own backend and front end of a full-fledged online store and also integrated with third-party products
Restaurants, hotels, salons, casinos
Applications for service industry with built-in CRM system on the backend
Shopping malls - navigation and catalogues
Applications for shopping malls and supermarkets, indoor navigation with iBeacon technology, sales promotion, catalogues, and much more
Applications for Magazines and Mass Media Organizations
Solution for magazines and media, includes full backend and web version of the project
Applications for Automotive industry
Applications for car dealerships, catalogues, technical specifications, scheduling system for service and test-drive appointments, service history, bonus programs and much more
Custom development
Developing custom applications both from client’s requirements specification and from basic brief with business logic development

Full process - from prototype to promotion

  • 1.
    Consulting on mobile applications development
    Professional consulting in mobile information technology. Development of strategy, selection of technologies.
  • 2.
    Project Evaluation
    Detailed project evaluation, calculation of cost, timeline
  • 3.
    Business logic and requirements specification development
    Marketing analysis, technical documentation development, including all business logic and product launch plan.
  • 4.
    Prototyping, concepts testing, user interface development, UI/UX.
  • 5.
    Project development
    Complete development cycle with thorough quality control.
  • 6.
    Integration of the application with external systems: payment systems, billing, accounting systems and much more.
  • 7.
    Testing and launching
    Integrated testing and application launch, publishing to the marketplaces
  • 8.
    Marketing plan and project promotion
    Full range of services for project promotion online and offline
  • 9.
    Maintenance and support
    Full range of support services for application and its backend, from system performance monitoring to upgrading.
For every project with any budget we apply the unified system of high standards and quality control.
Oleg Shrimf
Chief Technology Officer

Technology Stackк


Framework 7



Our goal: to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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