How We Work

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Project estimation and consultation. We will answer your question as soon as possible - brief estimation within an hour, calculation within 24 hours. We will held initial consultation via phone or arrange a meeting at any time convenient to you.

Estimate a project

We work in two formats - Fix Price and Time & Material.

Fix Price

Suitable for most of the projects, especially for ones with Terms of Reference, as well as for corporate websites, online stores, and other websites, template mobile apps and ready solutions.

Stage №1 - Terms of Reference, choice of technologies

For simple projects we can estimate the exact cost at a preliminary stage, it will be calculated in detail in the estimate. In complex projects Terms of Reference are the first stage of development, when the technology stack is determined, the task is analyzied and described, the project timeline is created. For complex projects at this stage we include the "business analutics" service. It consists of market and competitors analysis, a product launch plan, business logic, and economic feasibility study.

Stage №2 - Prototyping, design, interactive visualization

Design and development of prototypes, flow graphs and links is an important part of the process. The Client closely monitors every step and approves each iteration. Design development takes part after the prototypes approval and then a virtual interactive prototype is created. Interactive visualization allows us for estimating the future product and conducting user testing even without starting the development process.

Stage №3 - Technical implementation, software part

Technical implementation takes place according to the regulations defined in the Terms of Reference. For development we use the modern technology stack. Online project monitoring at every stage allows us to solve the most challenging tasks with full process transparency and eliminates errors.

Stage №4 - Testing and project launch

Project testing takes part in several steps, a part of which is included in the continuous development process. Integration testing is carried out as a separate stage. Testing procedure is determined by the Terms of Reference. Project delivery consists of several steps and each of them is accepted with the acceptance certificate. Each project has a testing period and a warranty service period. It varies from several months for simple projects to several years for complex projects.

2. Time & Material

A good option for complex program solutions, startups, and projects with large degree of uncertainty. The work goes in time periods for approximately a month and each of them consists of: work amount estimation and calculation for a month, tasks realisation, activity report, performance analysis, correcting.