CRM and ERP Systems

Task:World's largest manufacturer of household chemicals needs a global e-commerce and customer-service system for 16 countries. The key feature is having the databases in the Microsoft Axapta system on the customer's servers, as well as various content for each country and different payment systems and integrations.

Solution:We implemented the project with a complex structure but a user-friendly interface for customers around the world, and has an integrated backend with a complex synchronization with the central server. Packaged with various content for dozens of language versions, a large number of integrations and payment systems. This project has become a universal customer-service and e-commerce tool for HG’s business around the world.

Task:Develop a website builder for managing events for the company Infopark Project. Each year the company organizes dozens of conferences and each one needs its own website, the only optimal solution is to create a platform that will allow the company to build websites within the system using their own resources.

Solution:Almost a year of fruitful work led to a comprehensive solution, most of the time was spent on testing and customizing the product, as the reality and theory were too far apart, because managing such a large number of complex sites was not so simple, as a result, the system was upgraded to a full-fledged convenient solution, which allows to solve all of the assigned tasks.

Task:Ambitious startup - a system of motivational corporate programs - competitor to the world-famous WorkStride.

Solution:Implementation - a complex system, hundreds of tables in ERD, more than a hundred of web application layouts. And it’s only the beginning...

Task:London startup - it is an intelligent designer of healthy meals with an automated billing system and procurement and logistics management systems.

Solution:The development of this project consisted of two stages. The first one - the backend with logic, into which we connected billing, orders distribution system, generation of product purchase lists, packing labels. The second - the frontend ( web and mobile ) with the intelligent menu planning system based on nutritional distribution and clients’ individual characteristics.

Our goal: to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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