Banking and Finance

Task:Developing an innovative financial search service with key features - a quick search for financial products data, banks, branches, ATMs in Moscow and the Moscow region. And eventually creating its own scoring system and intellectual selection of products.

Solution:Having an extensive experience in implementing such products, we quickly identified a stack of technologies and formed a requirements specification with a timeline to develop of the beta version in only 6 months. We have completed the full cycle of tasks - developing business logic, prototyping, design and technical implementation of the entire project. At the moment the beta version of the project is running. More than 150 banks of Moscow are already participating in this system. Currently under development – personal user account, intelligent selection of products and "innovative scoring" system. Т3 for the mobile app is in the works.

Task:The credit broker, leader of the local market, sought out our expertise in financial technology with the task to enter the market as a completely new player as an online aggregator of financial services.

Solution:Having experience in banking, we knew the user profile and perfectly understood the tasks that must be performed. As in most cases, we were the developers of requirements specification and business logic. The technical part was implemented and the project was launched in less than a year. Our task was also to promote the product to the market, which we have done successfully in less than half a year. The portal deservedly took the first place in the Bynet rating.

Task:Тhe Ministry of Economic Affairs and the National Bank were faced with the task to develop a concept of a single financial information portal.

Solution:The most important stage in the whole scope of work was marketing research and business logic. As a result of analysts we got an exact idea of ​​what the resource should be. As a result, after several months of work we had more than 50 mock-ups, a requirements specification hundred and fifty pages long, as well as an interactive prototype and project presentation, which was showcased at an international conference.

Our goal: to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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