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GetLanced UK

GetLanced UK

Location: UK, AE




Task:New generation business social network for UAE and top countries of Middle East. Classic innovative start-up where a user-friendly model is wrapped into bundle of modern technology, experience and competitor’s mistakes.

Solution:In our task was to do everything from the ground up. From the elaboration of the idea and business logic, to a complete program implementation and presentation of the project. The development of the project was divided into several iterations. Program logic, design layout and interactive prototype are fully ready. Currently the programming is being implemented. This resource should become a serious breakthrough in the empty market of the Middle East countries.

Task:Another project from the Netherlands - an automotive social network.

Solution:Right after the sports social network from Holland, we began the development of a global social network - web & mobile project. The backend for the web service and the mobile app is a single unit. The technical implementation took a bit over half a year.

Task:Ambitious startup - a system of motivational corporate programs - competitor to the world-famous WorkStride.

Solution:Implementation - a complex system, hundreds of tables in ERD, more than a hundred of web application layouts. And it’s only the beginning...

Our goal: to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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