GetLanced UK

GetLanced UK

Location: UK, AE




Task:New generation business social network for UAE and top countries of Middle East. Classic innovative start-up where a user-friendly model is wrapped into bundle of modern technology, experience and competitor’s mistakes.

Solution:In our task was to do everything from the ground up. From the elaboration of the idea and business logic, to a complete program implementation and presentation of the project. The development of the project was divided into several iterations. Program logic, design layout and interactive prototype are fully ready. Currently the programming is being implemented. This resource should become a serious breakthrough in the empty market of the Middle East countries.

Task:Developing an innovative financial search service with key features - a quick search for financial products data, banks, branches, ATMs in Moscow and the Moscow region. And eventually creating its own scoring system and intellectual selection of products.

Solution:Having an extensive experience in implementing such products, we quickly identified a stack of technologies and formed a requirements specification with a timeline to develop of the beta version in only 6 months. We have completed the full cycle of tasks - developing business logic, prototyping, design and technical implementation of the entire project. At the moment the beta version of the project is running. More than 150 banks of Moscow are already participating in this system. Currently under development – personal user account, intelligent selection of products and "innovative scoring" system. Т3 for the mobile app is in the works.

RainbowPrint US

RainbowPrint US

Location: US


Task:An ambitious task is to develop an online graphic designer for the US market - an automated customer / service / delivery system. Complexity and specificity of the task is that the result must outperform our competitor - the service provider that is estimated at more than a billion US dollars.

Solution:We love ambitious tasks. Realizing that the project, which costs "billion" cannot be done in a month or even a year, we split the task into 4 iterations, each one took about half a year, and after a lengthy work, the resource is now in the alpha-testing stage and will soon be entering the US market as a new innovative player.

Task:The credit broker, leader of the local market, sought out our expertise in financial technology with the task to enter the market as a completely new player as an online aggregator of financial services.

Solution:Having experience in banking, we knew the user profile and perfectly understood the tasks that must be performed. As in most cases, we were the developers of requirements specification and business logic. The technical part was implemented and the project was launched in less than a year. Our task was also to promote the product to the market, which we have done successfully in less than half a year. The portal deservedly took the first place in the Bynet rating.

Task:Development of a startup in a highly competitive field - real estate. We have to create a universal platform for organizing the database of real estate objects, implemented into any region in different languages. The project involves a number of innovations and modern technologies.

Solution:The innovative component of this project is an intellectual assessment of the quality of the property based on its location - infrastructure, transportation, ecology, crime and other criteria. Agencies profiles, synchronization, data import / export, proficient search engine optimization. We have launched a pilot version for one region, which includes configured synchronization with the leading agencies of that region. This project is planned to be launched in 8 countries within a year.

Task:Grevtsov’s Agency turned to us for the development of a thematic portal + multi-vendor platform, as well as a thematic community - all in one system, the task is to take the best features of foreign analogues JD and Amazon and implement the project targeting particular audience.

Solution:This is not our first project of such profile, we have already had a lot of experience in developing this type of resources, so the task was fairly clear and we implemented the project from business logic to turnkey product.

Task:Another project from the Netherlands - an automotive social network.

Solution:Right after the sports social network from Holland, we began the development of a global social network - web & mobile project. The backend for the web service and the mobile app is a single unit. The technical implementation took a bit over half a year.



Location: WORLD


Task:One of the largest German trading companies in the beer industry has set a task to develop a thematic portal for the brewing industry. Multivendor trading, information and communication platform.

Solution:This is not our first thematic trade portal. Development of this resource was done on a turn-key basis - name, logo, corporate identity, business logic, design, programming. Currently performing optimization and developing a marketing plan for the portal and planning the product launch to the international market.

Task:Ambitious startup - a system of motivational corporate programs - competitor to the world-famous WorkStride.

Solution:Implementation - a complex system, hundreds of tables in ERD, more than a hundred of web application layouts. And it’s only the beginning...

Task:London startup - it is an intelligent designer of healthy meals with an automated billing system and procurement and logistics management systems.

Solution:The development of this project consisted of two stages. The first one - the backend with logic, into which we connected billing, orders distribution system, generation of product purchase lists, packing labels. The second - the frontend ( web and mobile ) with the intelligent menu planning system based on nutritional distribution and clients’ individual characteristics.

Our goal: to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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