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Task:The task - to develop a portal, multi-vendor trading platform, service community and to become a leader in Russia's hunting audience and also on the web for the Russian Hunting Journal by creating a nationwide hunting project "Russian Hunting Portal." The whole project had to be developed from square one in the shortest possible time.

Solution:The task was not simple, given that everything from T3 to complete technical implementation and presentation should be done in a matter of months. Having experience working with trading platforms and the media, we had no difficulty developing the structure and had MVP ready in 3 months. Now we have a finished product ready for use, for which we are preparing a new requirements specification to increase the functionality.

MassMedia APP

MassMedia APP

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Task:Development of a comprehensive solution for magazines, newspapers and other mass media. The complex must resolve the issue of convenient information placement through its own control system, ability to receive information stream through integration with an external system and output this stream into handy mobile application - iOS and Android.

Solution:To develop a mobile application we have chosen high - performance cross-platform mobile solution in order to have a flexible quick tool for updates and implement new additions and improvements directly to several platforms. Backend for management is developed with consideration of large volumes of media data as well as archiving and back-up, including inexpensive stable Amazon platforms.

Task:The credit broker, leader of the local market, sought out our expertise in financial technology with the task to enter the market as a completely new player as an online aggregator of financial services.

Solution:Having experience in banking, we knew the user profile and perfectly understood the tasks that must be performed. As in most cases, we were the developers of requirements specification and business logic. The technical part was implemented and the project was launched in less than a year. Our task was also to promote the product to the market, which we have done successfully in less than half a year. The portal deservedly took the first place in the Bynet rating.

Task:Development of a startup in a highly competitive field - real estate. We have to create a universal platform for organizing the database of real estate objects, implemented into any region in different languages. The project involves a number of innovations and modern technologies.

Solution:The innovative component of this project is an intellectual assessment of the quality of the property based on its location - infrastructure, transportation, ecology, crime and other criteria. Agencies profiles, synchronization, data import / export, proficient search engine optimization. We have launched a pilot version for one region, which includes configured synchronization with the leading agencies of that region. This project is planned to be launched in 8 countries within a year.

Task:Ambitious startup - a system of motivational corporate programs - competitor to the world-famous WorkStride.

Solution:Implementation - a complex system, hundreds of tables in ERD, more than a hundred of web application layouts. And it’s only the beginning...

Our goal: to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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